What did he mean? Oh bullcrap!! You know exactly what he meant…


2 Responses to “What did he mean? Oh bullcrap!! You know exactly what he meant…”

  1. November 10, 2012 at 5:17 am

    Although I’m a woman myself, I am deeply ashamed to be affiliated with a gender that apparantly has no wisdom whatsoever!! They (the women who voted for Obama), act like a bunch of “groupies” that think Obama is a rock star or something..WAKE UP!!!! He’s sending us down the drain!!!

    • 2 bamatoons
      November 10, 2012 at 11:31 am

      It’s not just the women who had a “groupie” mentality, it was 90% of the people who re-elected him… There was no credible reason to keep him in office… Gas $4+, 23 million unemployed, 43 million on Foodstamps, record poverty levels, GDP stalled at 2%, a crushing tax burden looming in two months, a confused foreign policy in a world teetering near a very dangerous conflict in the middle east, and on and on and on… And women, specifically, should have turned away… The democrates addressed you as if your attention and concern didn’t go any farther than your… well, you know…

      The election results shocked and disapointed me terribly… Since Tuesday, I’ve come to the conclusion that the nation is going to have to go thru a “cleansing fire” to get refocused on true solutions to our problems… Understand – I don’t mean violence (although – I am afraid)… I mean that, as a nation, were going to have go thru some level of collapse, some level of crisis serious enough for people to turn away from a celebrity leader with nothing more than pretty rhetoric and seek a leader with real answers… Of course, the danger is that this is an environment that can also spawn a despot… ala Adolph…

      Then again… Maybe not… Maybe like some cultural version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers we’ll all be consummed by the Obama Pod-people and end up content to sit home waiting on the little check, chat on our Obamaphones, surf porn on our Obamainternet, eat hamburger helper, ride the bus and have the X-Factor be the depth of our intellectual stimulation… (hmmm… I do like the Cheesy Cheese Burger flavor…)

      Good Luck to us Kathie…

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